Helping Everyone Achieve Long Term Health

What Community HEALTH Workers Do:


  • Community Health Workers (CHWs)  help patients  overcome barriers that keep them in poverty.
  • Identify barriers and set goals
  • Connect patients to community-based resources
  • Encourage self-management
  • Counsel patients on healthy behaviors, tobacco cessation, chronic disease prevention and health maintenance
  • Gather patient information to enhance providers’ understanding of needs
  • Reduce hospital admissions

Health diagramIMPROVE CARE :

  • CHWs enable patients to adhere to provider recommendations by connecting patients to community-based resources.
  • Strengthen patient’s self-sufficiency
  • Improve access to quality health care
  • Improve adherence to medication and provider recommendations

Persistent poverty leads to poor health. Community Health Workers are  there to help you overcome the barriers that keep you in poverty.

Our Mission

To build a healthier community by optimizing and coordinating services that encourage and empower individuals and families to overcome economic and social barriers to achieve long term health.

Who We Are

HEALTH  is a community impact group that is working to optimize and connect resources  to help families:

  • Overcome barriers to achieve health and self-sufficiency
  • Address the social determinants affecting one’s poverty status.

How does HEALTH work?

  • Identify your needs
    What barriers in your life are preventing you or your family from living a healthy life style?
  • Let’s talk
    A Community Health Worker  is available to work one on one with you to locate needed resources and create solutions that ease you and your family’s hardships.
  • Make a plan
    You will work with your Community  Health Worker to establish a plan that will help you live a healthier life.



Patee Market Health Center
904 South 10th Street, Suite A
St. Joseph, MO 64501
(816) 596-8103
Fax (816) 233-5296



AFL-CIO Community Services
Catholic Charities
The Center
City of St. Joseph Health Department
City of St. Joseph Transit Division
Community Action Partnership
Community Missions
Community Volunteers
Family Guidance Center
Habitat for Humanity
Hillcrest Transitional Housing
Live Well St. Joe
MOSAIC Life Care
Northwest Health Services
Rogers Pharmacy
Salvation Army
Second Harvest
Social Welfare Board
St. Joseph School District
St. Joseph Youth Alliance
United Way of Greater St. Joseph


  • Informal counseling and social support
  • Providing direct services and referrals
  • Providing culturally appropriate health education
  • Advocating for individual and community needs
  • Assuring clients get the services needed
  • Building client and community relationships