The Clinic Beat – July 2018

Westside clinic began their monthly Women’s Health Clinic in Grant City on July 26th. Westside will provide services from the Grant City location at 16 West on the 4th Thursday of each month.

The agency rolled out a more efficient platform to manage computer work utilizing thin clients. This enhancement frees up space and reduces equipment needs.

Effective 9-1-18 HEALTH (Helping Everyone Achieve Long Term Health), a program created by the leadership of the Social Welfare Board (SWB), St. Joe Public Health and 25 other agencies, will move to CAP St. Joe. Since HEALTH’s inception in 2015 it has been managed by the SWB. The past two years, a grant from MOSAIC has funded HEALTH. By moving HEALTH from the SWB to CAP, the program will no longer rely on competitive and uncertain grant funds as CAP will be able to absorb the costs and expand the program. This program is a testament to the mission of each safety net organization making up HEALTH as they recognize one’s health is directly linked to their level of income. Early on the group re-alized in order to improve the level of health for the impoverished, they had to address the barriers that keep people in a persistent state of poverty.


July 2018 – Clinic Beat

The Clinic Beat – June 2018

The clinic’s 2017-2018 fiscal year concluded on June 30th with the following accomplishments:

 Provided 13,746 medical and women’s health visits;

 Provided 3,043 dental visits and 925 hygiene visits;

 Concluded year 3 for the HEALTH program, a collaboration with 26 community organizations that pro-vides a framework to reduce the barriers that keep folks in a persistent state of poverty;

 Began year one of the third cycle of being a recognized patent centered medical home through NCQA;

 Continue to partner with MOSAIC’s Advocacy Program to house a patient advocate at the clinic to pro-cess necessary financial information;

 Completed year 3 of the Family Planning contract;

 After managing the HOME Unit, a wrap-around program for the Homeless, moved it to Northwest Health;

 Completed the 2nd year of LifeChangers, a monthly engaged giving program through the Friends of the Free Clinic.


June 2018 – Clinic Beat