Our medical providers return phone calls throughout the day as time allows.  In most cases, calls will be returned the same day.  Our telephones switch to Mosaic’s answering service at closing.


If your prescription is with our clinic  you can call to order refills 24 hours in advance.  If your prescription is with a pharmacy, please call that pharmacy to order a refill or have it transferred to another pharmacy.


Call 816- 344-5233 for appointments.  The Social Welfare Board’s Westside Clinic does same-day, next-day, and advance scheduling.


When you arrive: Check in at the front desk.  (These are the same people that you spoke to on the phone when you scheduled your appointment).

You’ll be asked your name and whether you have insurance, Medicaid or if would like to use our sliding fee scale. All new patients and most returning patients will need to update paperwork. Paperwork will include some or all of the following:

    • Personal Information: The clinic will ask for your birthdate, telephone number, and an address where the staff can reach you.
    • Income Information:  This is how the clinic will assess if you are eligible for a fee reduction.  (Whether you have insurance or not does not affect your eligibility for discounts!)  Most fees and services are based on client income and family size.  If you are concerned about how you will pay for a visit, talk to one of our staff members.
    • Whatever you tell the clinic staff will not be shared with anyone outside of the clinic.

Once you have completed the paperwork and returned it to the front desk, you will wait in the waiting room until your first name is called by a clinical assistant.

The Visit:

You will first meet with a clinical assistant.  This person will ask you questions about your medical history, take your blood pressure, and get your weight.

It is important to remember that everything you tell the clinic staff is confidential and private.  This means that whatever you tell the clinic staff will not be shared with anyone outside of the clinic.

After talking with the clinical assistant for a few minutes, you will be left in the room until your provider (a nurse practitioner) enters to see you.  When the provider meets you, it is important to report if you have any problems or concerns.  Maybe you have questions about:

  • periods that aren’t normal
  • pain during sex
  • vaginal discharge or discomfort
  • body changes – “What’s normal for my age?”
  • your health – Have you been sick or do you have a serious illness?

The provider will talk to you about lots of things during your visit.  You may talk about birth control methods & condoms.  They will ask:

  • if you need birth control
  • if you or your partner are currently using birth control
  • if you would like to get a form of birth control at today’s visit

The Exam:

Depending on what type of visit you are having, you may be asked to undress.  The provider will leave the room while you do this.  (You will be given a disposable gown to put over yourself.) You will then sit on the exam table and wait.  The provider will knock on the door and ask if it is OK to re-enter.

The clinician will review your medical history and ask more questions.  It is important to answer the questions truthfully.  Remember that everything you tell the staff is confidential and private and that the clinic staff cares about you and your health.

The questions they ask may seem personal, but they help the staff take care of you.  Your clinician will explain what is happening throughout the exam.

Depending on what type of visit you are having, you may have a breast exam, a pelvic exam, or a pap smear.  (If you are a male, a testicular exam may be performed.)  Tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are done during the visit.  The provider will determine what tests to order based on your medical history and sexual activity.

Remember to tell your provider if you are uncomfortable or don’t understand a procedure or test!  It’s OK to ask questions!  The staff are used to answering all sorts of questions and welcome your comments.

Now, you are done with the exam! What’s next?

  • you’ll get dressed
  • you’ll talk to the clinician about the exam
  • it’s OK to ask about any concerns you may have

If you have an infection, you will get medicine or a prescription for medicine to treat it.  If you want a birth control method, you will get a supply of that method.  If you need condoms and they aren’t offered, ask for them!

The clinician will tell you if you need to return to the clinic.

Remember that most men and women are nervous about having an exam.  Ask questions, listen to the answers, and let the clinic staff help you through the visit.  Your health is important!


When your visit is complete, the provider will walk you to the exit desk.  The exit desk will help determine if you have fees for the day and help you schedule a follow-up appointment, if necessary.

After leaving the clinic, if there is something you forgot to ask, don’t hesitate to call.  The clinic staff regularly answers questions!


phone: 816-344-5233 fax:  816-233-5296


904 S. 10th, Suite A (Patee Health Market…1st floor)


Monday through Friday: 8am – 4:30pm